Obama: Don’t You DARE Replace Obamacare…It Would Be An INSULT To My Legacy!

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We can see how the Obama’s are taking in Trump’s victory on Tuesday. President Obama has been nothing but a tyrant traitor and nation embarrassment for the past 8 years. It only makes sense for him to make a statement as arrogant as the one you’re about to see.

Obama has worked very hard to bring this nation to it’s knees on the world stage. Whether it was social policies or foreign policies, Barrack found a way to bend this nation to his will.

You might recall Obamacare. One of the highlights of his presidency. Obamacare lost on every front that Obama said it would succeed on. Of course that leaves it up to our new president Donald Trump to do something about it. Trump has recently expressed that he and Dr. Ben Carson will be working on a new healthcare plan to replace the failed Obamacare.

Here’s what Obama thinks about that:

“The Affordable Care Act has done what it was designed to do. It gave us affordable health care,” he said.

“So what’s the problem? Why is there still such a fuss? Well, part of the problem is the fact that a Democratic president named Barack Obama passed the law. And that’s just the truth.”

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